The Researcher Coaching Programme

Rodetal Ltd Solutions

Specialist Coaching for Researchers and Project Managers.

Rodetal specialise in coaching researchers and project managers. Our programmes leave our clients feeling more positive about the direction of their work and more confident that they will be able to achieve success in their projects and careers.

Researcher Coaching for Researchers

At Rodetal we know what it is like to manage a research project. That's why we provide specialist project coaching to Early Career Researchers. We recognise that for you a successful project might mean managing people, budgets, experiments, teaching loads, students, even you PI. On top of this you have a research project with demands and deadlines. If you need to submit a grant application, wrap up an international collaborative project or just want to get time to write that journal article Researcher Coaching for Researchers is for you.

Katy’s ability as a coach has helped me to realise what is important to me, and to make that into a series of concrete, achievable goals. Working out exactly what each goal is, and separating this from other possibilities, has formed a fundamental part of each session. The change of mindset that I have achieved over the course of the coaching sessions has been to be able to prioritise what I would like to do by gradually changing my current work habits. Without these coaching sessions, I think that I would still be dreaming, but not achieving the career that I would like. Research Fellow, Nottingham

We offer 1-to-1 coaching and also group coaching for researchers who want the opportunity to collaborate and share practice and experiences across academia.

Researcher Coaching for PhD Students

We have been working with PhD students since 2003. We know what it is like to be PhD student because we have been there! You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the project ahead of you. If you need support with procrastination, getting and staying writing, viva confidence, conference confidence, organising research events, or just would like to feel that you are in control of your research project and not the other way around then Researcher Coaching for PhD Students is for you.

We offer 1to1 coaching and also group coaching for students who want to share research experiences.

Working with Katy has led to an increase in my productivity and self-confidence. As a PhD student, our work can be quite solitary, and it is easy to consider every set back a personal failure. With Katy’s support, I’ve learnt to be more confident in doing my best, and knowing that that is good enough. I’ve learnt several tools that I currently use when approaching a new task or improving an aspect of my life. They allow me to be more efficient and understand the steps taken to achieve the target. Overall, I feel more confident in and out of my work, and I infinitely more positive about where I’m going in life and the person I am becoming. Final year, Law PhD Student, University of Warwick

Researcher Coaching for Research Leaders and Managers

Rodetal supports leaders and manager to implement new projects at work, lead project teams and become more assertive when leading diverse and multifaceted projects. We ensure you are ready, willing and able to face the challenge of leading. If you are feeling ill equipped to lead from the front or are facing leading from the back we can support you to develop your own individual and tailored toolkit of skills and creative solutions to become an effective leader of any project.

Katy’s manner is a well-balanced mixture of consistent professionalism and genuine friendliness, which made me feel at ease, focused and confident in the process of working through my goals. Calm, relaxed and very present – a powerful combo! Postgraduate and Research Manager, Nottingham

Researcher Coaching for Innovators and Inventors

Are you innovative or creative? Do you like to do things differently or think in a different way to others? Do you have an idea and would like to ‘do something’ with it? Researcher Coaching for innovators, inventors and creatives is the programme for you. We provide you with the space and time to consider what it is you want, what you have done so far, your options for taking your creative ideas and innovations forward and finally create a plan to take your idea from dream to reality.