Installation Instructions

Rodetal Ltd Solutions

“Not only do they [the BigBoss] seem easier to fit but they’re less prone to damage when stored in your van and are actually a little cheaper!” Haynes Home Plumbing Manual

  1. Drill correct sized hole in required place using a hole saw. Chamfer the outer-edge of hole to help with inserting the fitting.
  2. Clean the outer edge of hole to help with inserting the fitting. Clean surface around hole. Apply suitable adhesive around hole and inner face of fitting.
  3. Insert fitting, using a little force and ensure correct flow direction.
  4. Once fitted connect appropriate pipe.

Rodetal recommends that the hole is prepared by cleaning and removing of burred plastic as well as protecting the product with a suitable coating covering. Note: plastic can become brittle in cold temperatures.

Rodetal cannot accept responsibility for any incompetence of an installer. This product is intended for use with solvent pipe and an adhesive that is suitable for this application The correct size hole must be cut in order for correct installation. A ‘flow-arrow’ is present on the outer face of the product to indicate flow direction.