First Steps in Leadership

Rodetal Ltd Solutions

Rodetal is pleased to offer clients the popular Communication & Me First Steps in Leadership programme designed specifically for final year undergraduate and masters students.

First Steps in Leadership is aimed at improving the employability of graduates. The interactive and experiential programme will challenge students to consider the skills they will need to successfully transition from student to leader.

Programme Content

First Steps in Leadership is built around the need of the participants, and runs over 3 days. Themes include:

  1. Everyone’s an Asset – Recognising Strengths
  2. Developing Assertive Behaviour
  3. Fundamentals of Presentations
  4. Networking for the Nervous
  5. Aspects of Negotiation
  6. Introduction to Project Management
  7. The Listening Leader

What participants are saying about First Steps in Leadership

“I enjoyed the originality of the presentations and enjoyed the energy of the presenters and their knowledge” Participant, 2014 - Coventry University

“Your workshops are the best I have attended and that the university has organised. I like that you keep coming back to what has been said in the previous workshops so that there is a sense of continuity. Also, it emphasises that all the aspects are part of communication and should be seen as a whole and not separate.” Participant, 2015 - Coventry University

“Having attended the fundamental of presentations workshop I was able to pinpoint several areas which had previously been letting my presentation skills down, as a result I was able to start planning much more effective presentations” Participant, 2010 - Coventry University